I really should stop reading articles. I may develop high blood pressure if I keep this up. Take, for instance, this article about private funding of public schools written up in the Wall Street Journal. It honestly shocked me. Two thoughts immediately came to mind.

First, it may be well and good that some students are hearing of the gospel because a church sponsors their school, but who else might become a sponsor and gain access to our children. What agendas might they have? Many things start off as a seemingly positive thing, but they rarely stay that way.

Second, if schools and other public services are so underfunded that they need to seek private sponsors, perhaps they should become 100% privately funded organizations. Perhaps it’s time for the parents to take back control and fund it themselves once again.

Obviously, I’m not a fan of public education. I firmly believe that only private schools or homeschools should be options for education. Are you familiar with the Exodus Mandate Project? It’s a wonderful organization whose purpose is to see children either homeschooled or placed in christian schools instead of sent off to the government schools. Take a look at their “Call to Dunkirk” video.

Pretty radical ideas, I know. But it makes sense, doesn’t it? How could we ever hope to see any change in our nation, when we are going about it backwards? We are trying to overcome years of indoctrination in humanistic, Marxist and Communist ideals. Wouldn’t it be better to prevent the indoctrination to begin with?

Sponsoring a public school might sound like a good step towards school reform, but the school reform movement has accomplished little to nothing in several decades. In fact, things are worse now than ever. Maybe we should re-focus our efforts in a different direction, a Biblical one. Maybe projects like the Exodus Mandate are exactly what we need.