I love books. I’ve always loved books! I spent the week after Christmas absorbed in my new books when I was growing up. Mom used to say that she was going to quit buying me books because I read them so fast. I always protested strongly and insisted that I enjoyed reading them over and over, so it was not a waste. I’ve got some pretty full bookshelves in my hallway as a result.

When my husband and sister gave me an iPod Touch for my birthday a few years back, I knew I’d use it for music and e-mail, but I didn’t know if I’d do much more with it. Enter e-reader apps… I now have a veritable library of books at my fingertips. Not to mention how much easier it was to read while nursing! But e-books can still be expensive, and who has time to sift through all the books listed on a website to find the good deals and the free ones? I’ve got four kids after all!

That’s where the new eReader Girl website comes in. Find great free e-books, as well as discounted e-books, all listed on one convenient website! And if you happen to be an author whose book will be free or discounted, you can submit that information on a convenient form to have it featured on the site. So be sure to check it out!