I’m a wannabe gardener with a black thumb. I love plants, and while I grew up helping tend the garden every summer, I can’t seem to make anything grow reliably. I try again each spring, always hoping that this is the year when I’ll have a garden that survives!

Since we can’t plant seeds outside until after Memorial Day at this latitude, I know that starting some of my plants indoors is a must. I got a special seed starter tray, and honestly, only some of the seed sprouts are doing well. I’m just hoping they make it to the end of May when they can go live outside in the garden. I picked up another packet of seeds later, but didn’t have any more room in my fancy seed starter tray. Never one to let minor details like this deter me, I improvised!

Materials Needed:
Paper Egg Carton
Pan or Tray
Potting Mix

Make sure your pan or tray is deep enough to hold a bit of water. Rip the lid of the egg carton and put the base in the pan. Fill the egg cups with potting mix and plant your seeds in the cups. Pour water into the pan and allow the egg carton to soak up the water. Find a sunny window to keep your seed starter in. Check it frequently to make sure the soil doesn’t dry out!

I started seeing sprouts of the Morning Glory seeds that I planted within a few days. Honestly, they’re doing better than the seeds in my fancy seed starting tray. We’ll see how well it works out over the next month, but I’m inclined to stick with the egg carton seed starters exclusively next year just based on how well it’s worked so far!

I’m hoping that I’ll have photos of a thriving garden to post on Instagram later this summer, but time will tell. Is anyone else starting seeds inside this spring? What’s you’re favorite trick for seed starting?