Outside my window… leaves are turning rapidly the warm, golden colors of autumn.

I am thinking… about numbers, and how much I dislike them!

I am thankful for… a tub full of hot water in the morning.

From the learning rooms… number bonds all week long! At least we are off to a good start!

From the kitchen… probably peanut butter and jam in a few minutes, but Mommy will opt for almond butter because of the higher iron content.

I am wearing… clothes that stretch! And my lovely February Lady’s Sweater that will be wearable for the next six months! YAY!

I am creating… baby sweaters and hats at the moment. I have so many projects that I should finish, but when I’m pregnant it’s the baby stuff that dominates my knitting!

I am going… to take Munchkin to the dentist for NINE fillings tomorrow.

I am reading… what am I reading? I don’t remember right now, because my head is so full of numbers!

I am hoping… that the dentist appointment tomorrow morning goes well! I’m praying that it does!!!

I am hearing… really quiet kids who are supposed to be picking up their toys…

Pondering these words… “I do NOT snore!” – John Sheridan

Around the house… boxes of cute little baby clothes that need a trip through the washer. A few years in plastic bins in an outdoor shed left them smelling funny. Baking soda and oxy-clean seem to do the trick.

One of my favorite things… finding a 50 cent book on the used book shelf in the grocery store.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Surviving the nine-filling dental visit will be enough!

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