Outside my window… the temperatures are nippy. We’ve got some gorgeous fall colors on the trees though!

I am thinking… that Little Guy has got the sniffles too. He’s got a runny nose, is grumpy, and definitely not sleeping well at night. Munchkin had a scratchy throat today, so I’m sure she’s next. Time to mix up the honey and lemon juice cough syrup and break out the Vicks vapo-rub!

I am thankful for… a toddler who keeps us up at night. I’m not crazy about the lost sleep, but I am ever so thankful for my littlest boy!

From the learning rooms… we’re still having our lessons, even though it’s Columbus Day. We did some crafting with Perler beads today. You put them on pegboards and use and iron to fuse the back together so your design holds its shape. I was quite surprised by the design that Camo came up with. It was complex enough to be interesting, yet still had a nice symmetry.

From the kitchen… there are a couple of loaves of white bread that I made last night. I actually enjoy making bread, but I definitely like my whole grain recipes better when it comes to flavor!

I am wearing… black pants, a green shirt with butterflies, and socks because it’s autumn.

I am creating… socks for my kiddos for Christmas. I measured their feet today and seriously could not believe how big they were! How did they grow this fast??? I think I’ll knit the socks a little long in case their feet grow a lot in the next couple of months!

I am going… to have to go grocery shopping at some point this week. That means I’ll have to do some menu planning first. As much as I like having a meal plan I always feel stumped when it comes to making one out.

I am reading… Ummmm, what am I reading? Titles are escaping me at the moment… (I’m blaming it on the sinus headache and lack of sleep.)

I am hoping… to get some reviews done this week.

I am hearing… a little 80’s music while I write.

Pondering these words… “It’s not the future that you’re afraid of. It’s repeating the past that makes you anxious.” – Unknown

Around the house… it only takes a toddler a few seconds to completely tear a room apart, but it will take me hours to put everything back where it goes… Why is that?

One of my favorite things… is drinking multiple cups of tea on chilly days.

A few plans for the rest of the week: the usual, school, writing, laundry, and my daughter asking to read our science book for the bedtime story. Is that weird? Probably not for a girl who wants to be a scientist during the day, and an artist on nights and weekends!

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