I think I’m known on Mommy’s blog as Little Guy. Anyway, I’ve taken over Mommy’s blog today and I’m typing a post of my own! First off, today will be the Simple BABY’S Daybook…

Outside my window… it’s dark and there’s this weird stuff that’s all white and cold. I think Mommy called it snow.

I am thinking… that this keyboard thing is pretty cool. I like all of the buttons.

I am thankful for… my binky.

From the learning rooms… I’m learning all kinds of new things every day!

From the kitchen… applesauce and oatmeal for supper I hope! Not really a fan of bananas…

I am wearing… cute construction overalls and a matching shirt. But really, I’m adorable in anything.

I am going… to keep Mommy up tonight!

I am reading… what’s reading?

I am hoping… to get my hands on Mommy’s whoopie pie.

I am hearing… my siblings playing in the next room.

Pondering these words… “No.” Mommy says that when I try to grab breakable items.

Around the house… I have a baby sock hidden under every piece of furniture.

One of my favorite things… snuggling with Mommy.

A few plans for the rest of the week: More eating, playing and growing, but very little sleeping!

(Hope you all enjoyed Little Guy’s blog post! This is what happens when you try to blog with a baby on your lap!)

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