Outside my window… it looks like it will be a beautiful fall day.

I am thinking… about coffee. I really, really want a cup of coffee. The smart thing for me to do though would be to make a cup of tea. I still haven’t decided whether I’ll do the smart thing…

I am thankful for… warmer temperatures that cut down on how much coal we need to keep the house warm.

From the learning rooms… I have a four-year-old who is somewhere between preschool and kindergarten. His abilities are a bit beyond preschool, but he’s not really ready for full blown kindergarten. I keep praying that God will show me what Camo needs. I want to challenge him just enough, but not push my little boy to do more than his is ready for. Was it Dr. Suess who said that “Life’s a great balancing act”?

From the kitchen… my favorite coffee cake recipe is a nice treat for a Monday morning! It would be great with a cup of tea… or coffee…

I am wearing… black pants, pink top, and of course the purple crocs.

I am creating… the most adorable ruffled socks! They’ll be a Christmas gift for a certain Munchkin who loves anything girly.

I am going… to try and finish sewing the last strip on the log cabin quilt blocks today. I’d love to think I could sandwich my rail fence quilt today too, but I’m pretty sure that’s overly ambitious for a school day!

I am reading… still working on A Year of Learning Dangerously and a few other books for review.

I am hoping… that the noise coming from the upstairs hallway is not an actual herd of elephants. (Did anyone else’s mom used to say that they sounded like a herd of elephants? It’s amazing the things our parents said that we find ourselves repeating!)

I am hearing… Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera.

Pondering these words… “You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.” – Unknown

Around the house… I’ve got Camo’s birthday gifts stashed in the closet. I think I’ll plan on wrapping them up today. I’ve got a few Christmas gifts that I’ll wrap up at the same time. Lest you think I’m incredibly organized or anything, I’ll admit that I vehemently dislike the task of wrapping gifts. That’s why I wrap birthday and Christmas gifts as I pick them up. I’d probably cry if I had to wrap them all at once.

One of my favorite things… is an unexpected phone call from one of my loved ones.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Time to get the lawn chairs and stray toys off the lawn and into the shed for winter storage. Snow will be here before we know it, or are ready for it!

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