Outside my window… it’s sunny and a pretty mild day out for October.

I am thinking… about labor believe it or not! Trying to start practicing some breathing and relaxation and wishing that I knew what to expect this time around!

I am thankful for… having the same, wonderful midwife the fourth time around.

From the learning rooms… more addition and reading this week. It amazes me some of the things that Munchkin figures out on her own!

From the kitchen… the recipe from one of the blogs that I read for pumpkin pancakes looks very tempting for supper tonight!

I am wearing… maternity clothes that don’t quite fit, because my regular clothes don’t quite fit either. This is the frustrating part!

I am creating… fingerless mitts for myself because my hands don’t like the chilly air.

I am going… to run a couple of errands once Aaron gets home from his early morning photo excursion.

I am reading… mostly things pertaining to school at the moment.

I am hoping… to score a couple of deals today.

I am hearing… the kids hanging out at the table munching on brunch.

Pondering these words… “I never did very well in math – I could never seem to persuade the teacher that I hadn’t meant my answers literally.” –Calvin Trillin

Around the house… a few wrapped up birthday gifts for Camo and assorted odds and ends relating to his upcoming birthday.

One of my favorite things… papaya tablets for heartburn!

A few plans for the rest of the week: I’ll be struggling through teaching math as usual! I thought that I was done with it when I was done with school. I didn’t factor in having to teach it to my children! So, once again, I prepare to do battle with my arch-nemesis… numbers.

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