Outside my window… it’s a chilly autumn evening. There haven’t been as many reds this year it seems, but the turning leaves are still pretty.

I am thinking… of an early bedtime tonight. My incredible IT staff stayed up with me through the wee hours of the morning helping me work on my blog overhaul. There are still a few tweaks to be done, but overall, I think it’s looking fantastic thanks to him!

I am thankful for… access to books. Never before in history has the written word been so readily accessible. It can really be a tremendous blessing!

From the learning rooms… Mr. Q is having so much fun learning to read! I know from experience that it can take some kids a long time for it to “click”, so I’m very happy that he’s picking it up quickly.

From the kitchen… the Little Guy has started sampling a bit of oatmeal every afternoon.

I am wearing… jeans, my green turtleneck and LL Bean mocs.

I am creating… sweaters for the kids. Shhhh… they’re for Christmas!

I am going… actually, I went. We have a homeschool group that meets at the Library once a month. It’s so nice to get out and swap ideas with other home educating moms.

I am reading… What Women Fear by Angie Smith. (I do intend to keep posting my thoughts about various chapters.)

I am hoping… for more lovely fall days like today.

I am hearing… the Little Guy practicing his growl. It’s pretty funny! Makes me wonder what he’s thinking…

Pondering these words… “Much sickness – physical, mental, and emotional – surely must come from disobedience. When the soul is confronted with an alternative of right or wrong and chooses to blur the distinction, making excuses for its bewilderment and frustration, it is exposed to infection. Evil is given the opportunity to invade the mind, the spirit, and the body and the sick person goes off to an expert who will diagnose his trouble. Sometimes the patient knows well what his trouble is and for this very reason has not consulted the Lord, fearing what He will say: Confess. Turn around. Quit that indulgence. Do not pity yourself. Forgive that person. Pay back what you owe. Apologize. Tell the truth. Deny yourself. Consider the other’s well-being. Lay down your life.” – Elisabeth Elliot

Around the house… Munchkin was teaching her brothers how to play poker, and Mr. Q was trying to teach me how to play a video game.

One of my favorite things… reading The Trumpet of the Swan to my kids. I love sharing books that I enjoyed as a child with them.

A few plans for the rest of the week: More blog tweaking and a few fun projects with the kiddos.

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