Outside my window… my world is gently frosted with snow, and the sun shines brightly despite the cold.

I am thinking… about raising children and home educating. Two very complex topics to be sure!

I am thankful for… leftover turkey making a few meals a bit easier!

From the learning rooms… counting to twenty, more reading and writing and Mercury!

From the kitchen… biscotti baking will begin this week.

I am wearing… black pants, green sweater and Aaron’s new sweatshirt jacket.

I am creating… sweaters for Christmas! Will I finish three in time?

I am going… to try and get our Christmas cards done this week.

I am reading… a bit more Holmes and various other bits and pieces of things.

I am hoping… to have a good month.

I am hearing… Munchkin singing quietly as she works on a school project.

Pondering these words… “As we must account for every idle word, so we must for every idle silence.” – Benjamin Franklin

Around the house… a very mis-matched Christmas tree sits in our living room.

One of my favorite things… ironically, my mis-matched Christmas tree. There was a time it would have really bugged me, but being a Mom sort of changes your perspective.

A few plans for the rest of the week: A short trip to Lincoln with Aaron, and maybe a quick stop for ice cream on the way home. Also getting back to school and catching up around the house.

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