Outside my window… it looks like I have a herd of German Shepherds! That’s what happens when you brush one.

I am thinking… about Mr. Q’s upcoming birthday. Where did the month of May go?

I am thankful for… the heritage left to me.

From the kitchen… Mr. Q helped me make a strawberry pie today. We are anxious to have a slice this evening!

I am wearing… denim shorts, a purple tank top and my trusty purple crocs. It’s a hot day at last!

I am creating… a lace scarf since the dresses and aprons are done. Munchkin is quite happy with her new dresses, especially the one with puffy sleeves because she thinks it’s a good princess dress!

I am going… to get our screen house set up this week… maybe… one never knows how one’s week will go in a house full of small children!

I am reading… 90 Minutes in Heaven. I’ve got some novels that I need to read and review, but I’m finding this book different than what I’d expected and in so many ways it reminds me of Mom and the car accident she was in all those years ago. Perhaps someday I’ll write about that.

I am hoping… that we are finally making some potty training progress with Camo.

I am hearing… a couple of boys who are anxious to eat the pizza that just came out of the oven. Although, when are they ever not anxious to eat? I’m scared of what their appetites will be as teenagers!

Pondering these words… “My first wish is to see this plague of mankind, war, banished from the earth.”—George Washington

Around the house… all of the windows are open and the fresh breeze scented with cut grass is just lovely!

One of my favorite things… is chatting with Aaron’s Mom on the phone.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Helping Dad get the kids’ sandbox set back up is on the agenda before the loader comes off the Farmall. I’d like to light up the fire pit some evening this week too, provided it’s not pouring rain like last night!

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