Outside my window… chilly and gloomy. What happened to the sun?!

I am thinking… about a few things that I have to do before the yard sale.

I am thankful for… the contractor at Wal-Mart who opened the door for me.

From the kitchen… take-out that’s cold now that I’ve gotten around to eating!

I am wearing… black pants, red turtleneck and my denim jacket. I still haven’t taken the jacket off since I got home from grocery shopping.

I am creating… ankle socks on my knitting needles. I’d love to say that I have some stories in the works, but alas, words are elusive these days.

I am going… there and back again.

I am reading… Sherlock Holmes, and enjoying it immensely!

I am hoping… that I can start writing again soon!

I am hearing… kids down for naps. J

Around the house… piles and boxes of things to be sorted, priced and (hopefully) sold in the yard sale in a couple of weeks!

One of my favorite things… interesting little conversations with store clerks and drive-thru cashiers.


NOTE: Points go to whoever can pick out the literary reference in this post!