Outside my window… is a ton of sleet on top of the snow. Heavy stuff to shovel!

I am thinking… about ideas for blog posts. Anyone have any suggestions or requests?

I am thankful for… all of us being home during the storm yesterday. I’m always thankful when Aaron doesn’t have to be out driving in bad weather.

From the learning rooms… some of our curriculum for this fall should start showing up in the next week or so. My Well Planned Day planner is here, and my blog planner and the kids’ student planners have been ordered.

From the kitchen… I tried out a recipe for peanut butter cookies with nutella swirled through them. The kids have declared them delicious.

I am wearing… black pants, a red sox t-shirt, and blue fleece jacket.

I am creating… a knitted light saber for Little Guy’s birthday. He loves the ones I made for his siblings, so I’m confident that he’ll be happy with one of his own.

I am going… to be drinking multiple cups of tea today.

I am reading… actually, I’ve finished up a couple of books and I’ll be wrapping up the written reviews this week. So I’m deciding what book to pick up next. I have a number of interesting ones in the stack!

I am hoping… that the stuff on the roads melts and dries up quickly.

I am hearing… kiddos playing with Little Guy. Always makes me smile!

Pondering these words… “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” – Dr. Suess

Around the house… projects, cardboard boxes, books, and all sorts of signs that children live here.

One of my favorite things… curly blonde hair and blue eyes! (Because that’s what my Aaron looks like.)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Just a typical week for us. Hopefully with a few days that are nice enough for the kiddos to play outside!

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