Outside my window… the sun’s going down and the temperature along with it.

I am thinking… about a lot of things that are stressing me out, and I’m trying very hard NOT to be worried about them!

I am thankful… that God is in control and not me. I’d be really lousy at it.

From the learning rooms… bits and pieces of various things, more number words. That’s actually going quite well.

From the kitchen… my freezer is stocked. I’m thinking about making a batch of cookies or something tomorrow.

I am wearing… the only pair of pants I own that is still comfortable! I’ll be glad to get back into my “regular” stretch pants.

I am creating… another hat. I finished two baby blankets and two matching hats in the past week. I’ll have quite the stash of baby gifts ready to go when I’m done! I’m still trying to decide what sweater I want to knit for myself.

I am going… to spend this week waiting (impatiently!) for my baby to be born.

I am reading… a bit more about birth and baby care. Making sure that I’ve brushed up all of that. I’ve got my stack of post-birth reading ready to go. I know that sounds weird, but reading during the 4AM feedings is the only way that I can stay awake!

I am hoping… that I will meet our son or daughter soon. Until then, I will continue to pray for God’s timing, which is always better than mine!

I am hearing… the kids in the next room winding down before bedtime.

Pondering these words… “God never makes mistakes, and His timing is always perfect.” – Lila Speed

Around the house… there is anticipation in the air!

One of my favorite things… spending time snuggling on the couch with my kiddos in the late afternoon. We may eventually need a bigger couch!

A few plans for the rest of the week: more waiting, maybe some baking, and definitely more knitting!

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PS—As my Mom would say, “I’m a day late and a dollar short” on this post. Humblest apologies! Yesterday quite got away from me. I thought about skipping my daybook altogether this week, but like knitting, writing is soothing for me. And with all of the change in the air, I could use a moment of calm. Thank you for reading!