Outside my window… sunshine and melting snow! Unfortunately, that will bring lots of mud, but I’m so thrilled to see the beginning of the spring thaw that I don’t even mind the mud very much!

I am thinking… that I can’t believe that playing outside didn’t wear the kids out! It certainly made the German Shepherd tired!

I am thankful for… 37 weeks! In the home stretch for sure with this baby. They can be born anytime they want to now.

From the learning rooms… bigger numbers and longer words.

From the kitchen… still working on stocking up my freezer with some extra casseroles. I’m also doing as much cooking with iron-rich food as I can.

I am wearing… black pants, pink tee and a hoodie. My pink socks are drying out by the coal stove! They got pretty wet outside!

I am creating… more last minute knitting and some crochet for baby. I really should stay away from Ravelry. There are just too many cute baby patterns on there!

I am going… to be spending the week at home I think. I’ve got plenty to do here to keep me busy, and no dental appointments this week!

I am reading… about labor, baby care and nursing. Brushing up on the basics so I’m ready. At least, as ready as I can be!

I am hoping… to meet my baby soon, but I wouldn’t mind a couple more weeks to get a bit more done.

I am hearing… three kiddos finishing lunch and enjoying cocoa.

Pondering these words… “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” – William Wallace

Around the house… so much to do still, but progress was made last week. I’m going to try to have another productive week!

One of my favorite things… kiddos drinking hot cocoa (well, WARM cocoa!) after sledding with Daddy.

A few plans for the rest of the week: More cooking for the freezer and making sure everything is ready for baby, not to mention some last minute baby knitting!

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