Outside my window… the sun has returned after a week of not much more than rain and clouds.

I am thinking… about writing, and how much of themselves authors pour into their stories. I’ve heard both schools of thought. Write from your heart, and don’t write anything too personal in your stories. I don’t know that either one is strictly right or wrong. Maybe which one we lean towards depends on why we write…

I am thankful for… easy access to music. I don’t think we always realize what a wonderful gift that is.

From the learning rooms… learning about plants is definitely more fun during garden season!

From the kitchen… sun tea brewing today.

I am wearing… jeans, pink balloon festival t-shirt, and my TPCs.

I am creating… still knitting the blanket. I might be knitting it forever, but at least I’m not tired of working on it yet.

I am going… to try out a couple of new essential oil blends. Aromatherapy is a more recent interest of mine, but I’m quite fascinated!

I am reading… My Foolish Heart by Susan May Warren. It’s startling to pick up a random novel and find something unexpectedly relevant to where I’m at right now. Maybe this book landed on my reading list for a reason.

I am hoping… the sunshine gives me a bit of extra energy today!

I am hearing… a bit of everything on my mp3 player. I have pretty eclectic music tastes!

Pondering these words… “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” — CS Lewis

Around the house… windows are being opened and the fresh breezes are once again drifting through.

One of my favorite things… chocolate. No explanation is needed!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Just the usual. Nothing exciting planned, but life has a way of tossing in a few surprises!

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