Outside my window… lots and lots of snow.

I am thinking… about how Mom was always the type of woman who would jump in and do whatever needed to be done, even if she’d never done it before.

I am thankful for… Dad clearing out the snow by my mailbox with the tractor.

From the learning rooms… pondering a lot, rethinking a lot, and perhaps simplifying things a bit. Questioning if I really want to rush into a “formal” structure for learning.

From the kitchen… I’m going to make some hot cocoa to warm me back up!

I am wearing… jeans and a red turtleneck.

I am creating… not exactly creating, but I managed to fix my mailbox myself! I’m incredibly pleased by this…

I am going… to have to do a couple of loads of laundry today…

I am reading… I have not spent much of any time reading the past couple of weeks, and I must remedy that.

I am hoping… that I can sort out just how to teach my children well.

I am hearing… the kiddos padding around in the living room, playing dress-up.

Around the house… my waterbed is fixed, my mailbox is fixed, and both of those make me smile!

One of my favorite things… new beginnings.

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