Outside my window… it’s sunny, there is snow on the ground, and is it ever cold out there! Makes me extra thankful for the coal stove.

I am thinking… about whether or not the two older boys could manage bunk beds without me suffering a heart attack. (Who am I kidding, I’ve got many more gray hairs in my future because of these fearless boys of mine!)

I am thankful for… music, because as much as I love words, they can never say all that music does.

From the learning rooms… since it’s technically a holiday, we’ll just work on some of the “fun” subjects today.

From the kitchen… I don’t care what the recipe says; these chocolate chip cookies are not “ultimate”. Honestly, I used to be able to cook! These days it seems that nothing I attempt in the kitchen turns out…

I am wearing… skinny(er) jeans! Still got a few more pounds to go before the pre-baby ones fit, but we’re getting closer!

I am creating… a fuzzy pink sweater for Munchkin, and it’s a good thing it won’t fit me, or else I’d be wearing it myself. It’s just so soft and cozy!

I am going… to have to order a copy of the latest Knit Scene magazine. There is a striped sweater in there that I’d love to knit.

I am reading… history stuff for the most part.

I am hoping… to figure out how to cook again soon! How can all of those skills just *poof* disappear?

I am hearing… Michael W. Smith’s newest instrumental album, Glory.

Pondering these words…”The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music.” –Kurt Vonnegut

Around the house… Little Guy is fast outgrowing his small crib. It will soon be time for him to move into the big crib, and that makes me tear up a bit.

One of my favorite things… fearless little boys. They are good for me, because I’m anything but fearless myself!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Some birthday party planning for a certain almost-seven little girl is in order.

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