Outside my window… the sun is glinting off the snow and ice on the bushes, and it’s tempting me to grab the camera…

I am thinking… of how different things are this year.

I am thankful for… Dad getting home safely from his business trip last night.

From the kitchen… I have fudge, caramels and such to make, and Joyce and I will be making our famous rock candy again this year! (Hopefully there will be no third-degree burns this year.)

I am wearing… black knit pants and a tan shirt that Mom bought for me while she and Dad were at Universal Studios a few years back.

I am creating… more Christmas knitting, which I cannot mention because it’s possible that the people I’m knitting for might read this blog!

I am going… to take the camera outside for some photographs after all.

I am reading… Count of Monte Cristo, but I took a break to read three Doctor Who books. Yes, I know, totally frivolous reading. J

I am hoping… that this turns out to be a good Christmas after all.

I am hearing… computers humming, the boys are quiet since they are eating!

Around the house… the Christmas tree is all that I’ve managed for decorations, but it will have to be enough.

One of my favorite things… seeing the beauty in the ordinary.

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