Outside my window… it’s sunny with a cool breeze this morning. By mid-afternoon it should be a gorgeous day.

I am thinking… agonizing over writing actually! I used to write to relieve stress, but as of late it’s been causing a fair amount. Does this happen to other writers? Do you just sometimes get to a point where you question whether or not you want to keep pursuing writing? Does taking it to the “next level” also mean taking the fun out of it? I read once that the “American dream” meant taking something that you enjoyed and trying so hard to make a career out of it that you lose every ounce of enjoyment you once got out of it. Anyone have any thoughts on that? Ever turn a hobby into a “job”? Do you still enjoy it?

I am thankful for… music. So much simpler than words in some ways, but ever more complex in others! Music conveys nuances that cannot be fully expressed in words.

From the learning rooms… our pond is coming to life. Seven turtles were spotted yesterday. I think our next trip to the library will include finding a book or two about turtles.

From the kitchen… iced tea season is here, make it a double!

I am wearing… jeans, my “got yarn” t-shirt, purple silk and wool shawl, and my favorite bright coral tennies that have a lovely vintage look to them.

I am creating… a Milk Run Shawl. Creepy owl is currently on hiatus. I came across this pretty shawl pattern and fell in love with the simple design and the cute ruffle.

I am going… to enjoy the next few days of lovely weather.

I am reading… or, more accurately, I will be reading The Homeschool Experiment. It came in the mail today! Seriously, is there anything better than a book in your mailbox?

I am hoping… that I’ll be able to keep up with my almost-walking Little Guy!

I am hearing… the usual background noise associated with four kids playing in the next room and my IT staff working from home at the desk next to me.

Pondering these words… “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” – George Bernard Shaw

Around the house… it’s open window season! Let in the fresh air!

One of my favorite things… watching the older three kids interact with their baby brother.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Definitely taking some time to enjoy the weather, and the typical “mom” stuff.

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