We’re on day two of “school” and I’m on day three of my food diary.

Our second day of “school” (I really need to think up a better term for it than school…) went fairly well. I found that munchkin will need a bit more practice recognizing and writing numbers 7-10, but that’s easy enough to remedy with the plethora of free worksheets out there on the internet. English hasn’t gotten terribly involved yet, so we get through it quickly and honestly, I’m rather bored! I’ll be glad to get into the more involved stuff! History and science are interesting and we have fascinating projects to go with each lesson. We do three days of history and two of science. The curriculum is formatted so that it fits well into that schedule, and it keeps our days from getting too bogged down at this point. My kids are still really young, with Munchkin only five years old. Mr. Q does bits and pieces of preschool/kindergarten workbooks and such. He’s just four, so I’ve got pretty simple goals in mind for him this year. Cam is still not yet three; he just does a bit of scribbling and we include him in our memory verse work.

Ah yes, day three of my food diary… I had my first appointment with my midwife on Saturday. The kids were glad to see her, and just fell in love with her dog and horse! We heard the baby’s heartbeat, and I breathed a sigh of relief! I’ve kept a food diary for a few days with each of my pregnancies so that we could take a look at how my diet is. I can definitely see room for improvement, but it’s not all bad. Would anyone believe that the mini snickers bars just happened to follow me home? Didn’t think so…

So, my mind is pretty filled at the moment with “school”, kids and pregnancy stuff. (I could go on about how the end of Lost made even less sense than the series itself and bemoan the lack of writers out there who feel that a well-thought-out plot and resolution is actually necessary, but I’ll spare you the rant.) For now, I think that it’s about time for my afternoon nap!