If I had a nickel for every time Mom told me that I should eat breakfast, then I’d have a whole lot of nickels! From the time I was a teen, I tended to skip breakfast more often than not. This continued through my adult years with the exception of the times when I was pregnant. As much as I disliked eating breakfast, it was more important to me to make sure that I was taking good care of my unborn baby.

Of course, it wasn’t just Mom who told me over the years that I should be eating breakfast. Several doctors also emphasized how important it was for me to stop skipping meals, including breakfast. They also told me that tea or coffee alone did not count as breakfast!

Just a few years ago, I decided to make an effort to include breakfast in my day. I tried out various smoothie recipes, different kinds of toasted breads, and settled on greek yogurt as my breakfast of choice. Sometimes I’ll toss in some fresh fruit, and other mornings it’s just the yogurt. Naturally, it’s accompanied by tea or coffee as well!

At this point it’s become a habit, and I miss it on the occasional morning when an early appointment means that I end up skipping breakfast. I honestly never thought I’d hear myself saying that, and I imagine that Mom would have laughed and reminded me that she told me I should eat breakfast all along! Like many things, it turns out that she was right after all. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any dramatic health change because of my breakfast habit, but I still think that it was a good change to make.

There are still a number of healthy habits that I’m working to incorporate into my life. I wish I’d started them at a younger age, but it’s never too late to do better. What about you? What new healthy habits have you incorporated, or what’s one that you’re working on making a habit of right now?