As homeschoolers, large amounts of books and curriculum seem to accumulate in our homes! It seems like homeschoolers are always shopping for a new set of bookshelves, and it never takes long for the new bookshelves to fill up. When I was just starting out homeschooling, I always saved the used books and curriculum because I knew my younger kids would be able to use them when they reached that grade level. A few years ago, I reached the point where my youngest had gone through some of those books, and I now had curriculum that I no longer needed. It was tempting just to hold onto it, but shelf space is at a premium in our house!

I’ve given some items away to friends who are happy to use it, but I still have a lot of books that need new homes. Recently, I’ve started listing items on Homeschool Used Book. It’s a site similar to Etsy or eBay that allows you to sign up as a vendor and list your books on their site. The buyer pays for the shipping, which is calculated based on the item weight. When one of my items is sold, I receive an e-mail notifying me and then I can request the shipping label. Once it’s generated, I just print off the label, attach it to the package, and drop the item in the mail. Five days after an item is delivered, my commission from the sale is available to request. I can request a store credit payout in any amount, or if my payout request is $20 or more, I can request a PayPal payout.

As a vendor, I love listing on Homeschool Used Book because I don’t have to deal with paying for shipping or signing up with a service to print off my own postage labels. I also don’t have to worry about processing payments, since that’s all done through their website.

As a customer, I like being able to shop a website with so many listings!

If you’d like to see the items that I have listed for sale specifically, you can check out my vendor store here:

Don’t just look at my vendor store though. You can shop by subject, publisher, or grade level and see everything listed on the site that fits the filters you set. Whether you’re shopping or selling, Homeschool Used Book is one of my favorite sites for used curriculum and homeschool books!

Note: Homeschool Used Book is operated by Well Planned Gal. I’m an independent contractor who does work for Well Planned Gal, but I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post. The only way I benefit is if you purchase any items directly from my vendor store on the website. I recommend their site because I use it myself to buy and sell used books and curriculum.