One of the things that I miss the most is just chatting with Mom. Sitting at her kitchen table, having a cup of tea, and just talking. I miss that a lot.

I took a minor tumble down the last half of my stairs yesterday, and as a result, I’m a bit sore. While the kids were down for a nap, I decided to curl up in my waterbed thinking that the heat would make me feel better. After Munchkin was done with her nap, she came in my room and hopped up on the bed with me to chat. We sat there for quite a while, just talking about random things. I enjoyed that so much! It occurred to me after her brothers woke and I’d gotten them all downstairs into the living room that I may not be able to talk with Mom anymore, but I do have a daughter who likes to talk to me. I remember doing the same thing countless times when I was growing up. Now it seems that the roles have been reversed. Now I’m the one with a daughter who enjoys chatting with her mom. That’s something I’m learning to treasure.