Normally, I am very resistant to change. Anyone who knows me will tell you that that is an understatement! There are some changes, though, that I’m glad to welcome.

Because my IT staff totally rocks, I am now blogging from my new computer! OK, so it won’t really do games or high end graphic stuff. But for a writer, it’s perfect! I can now type a blog post without the computer freezing because it can’t even keep up with my typing. This makes me very happy! I still have my old keyboard, mouse and screens. I can only take so much change, and I actually become quite attached to particular keyboards. I was suspicious of this one initially when my IT staff switched my slightly ancient keyboard for the current one. After a bit of use, I decided that it was a good change. I will probably never adjust to any sort of weird, warped, waved or split keyboard though. They may call it natural, but I disagree. And believe it or not, I am as picky about my pens as I am my keyboards!

Well… that was a bit of a rabbit trail…

So, does this mean that I’ll be posting more often or writing more? Nope. My computer may be faster, but I am not. I’m still in need of more hours in a day just like every other mom I know! I have plans for a few posts, but getting around to them is the thing. Right now, my mind is on other things. Namely, the newest Priest who will be making an appearance in a few months! Wow, there really are some changes happening around here!