Our home office gets a lot of use. I spend most of my writing time in there, and my IT staff spends many, many hours working in that room! From time to time, we have to just clear out the empty boxes that have piled up, and do something with the stacks of paper that multiply on the desks. That was my project yesterday afternoon.

My desk is actually just a table, so I don’t have any drawers or storage other than the flat surface area around my computer. It was while clearing off my desk area that I realized how useful a desk organizer would be. I briefly looked around online but quickly decided that I wanted a cheaper solution. A google search for “desk organizer diy” turned up plenty of ideas.

I settled on making a desk organizer out of cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, glue, and leftover spray paint. I used clothespins to hold it together overnight while the glue dried. Then I spray painted it first thing this morning. The spray paint didn’t completely cover up the cereal box pictures, but it works. You really can’t beat practically free, right? A lot of the pictures I saw during my google search showed organizers covered with scrapbook paper or fabric. You could definitely do that if you’re so inclined. I grabbed the spray paint because it was faster. I also like the idea of covering it with fancy duct tape. I’m out of duct tape at the moment, or I’d have tried that instead.


It’s not the sturdiest thing of course, but it does hold my pens, pencils, printer ink, bottled ink, notepads, and all sorts of odds and ends that cluttered up my desk.


Mr. Q was impressed with my desk organizer and even asked if I could make him one for his dresser. Maybe I’ll hand him the cereal boxes and duct tape and let him have at it!