Remember when I interviewed Kathy Tyers a year ago? Her book, Wind and Shadow came out close to the end of 2011. I finally got my own copy and read it in January. It was so good that it only took me two days to read it! I wrote a review of it for Christian Fiction Book Reviews:

“Kathy Tyers has done it again! Wind and Shadow, published in 2011 by Marcher Lord Press, is a fantastic addition to the Firebird series. This fourth book picks up the story of Brennen and Firebird Caldwell’s children.

Twin brothers Kinnor and Kiel are polar opposites whose lives have taken very different directions. But events have been set into motion that will bring them both to the same planet and put both of them at risk….”

Read the rest of the review here.

I also have the new annotated edition of Firebird. I’ll be reviewing that as well once I finish reading it. Being a trilogy, it will take a bit longer than two days to read though! I already love the Firebird trilogy, and this annotated edition is such fun to read!

So be sure to keep your eyes open for that review! In the meantime, why not pick up your own copy? Brew a cup of tea, sit by the fire, and enjoy the story!