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Where Jesus Slept - By: Norma Lewis I love a good Christmas book! I guess I’m becoming a bit more like Mom as I get older, because I do enjoy holiday-themed stories much more than I ever did before. Where Jesus Slept by Norma Lewis sounded like a lovely excuse to sit down with my Little Guy and read a Christmas story!

Before I get into my review of the book though, I want to share and idea from my mother-in-law that the kids had great fun with one year! She wrapped up one book per day for the days in December leading up to Christmas. Each day, the kids picked a book, unwrapped it, and we settled in to read the story. There are so many possibilities here! You can stick with just Christmas themed books, or you could just pick out anything that your kids would enjoy. You could wrap up new books, or just put together a basket of “old favorites” and read one per day. However you decide to do it, Where Jesus Slept would be a nice addition to any advent reading list!

Where Jesus Slept is a peek into the night of Jesus’ birth that’s geared for younger kids. (Though my older ones also wandered off with the book!) There’s a bit of rhyming, and a lot of repetition, the type of thing that is common in books for younger kids. The illustrations by Katy Hudson are perfectly lovely! Cartoons can be cool, but I personally appreciate children’s books that have illustrations more like fine art. Where Jesus Slept certainly does!

This is a great little book to read to little ones in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Where Jesus Slept would also make a wonderful gift! Children’s ministry leaders might also want to keep a copy handy to use during December.

We also love our Little House on the Prairie Christmas Treasury this time of year! What are some of your family’s favorite Christmas books?

Leave me a comment letting me know what book you love to read every year, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Where Jesus Slept! Hurry though! Winners will be chosen on Monday, November 21st! (Winners must have a US mailing address.)