What if our dreams are just the beginning? What if there is an entire realm just beyond the dreams that we remember? What if you were trapped there?

Jason Tardin is. He finds himself in a world called VRIN, in possession of mysterious powers. He is revered as a god by some, yet feared and hated by others. Where is he? Who is he? His search for answers uncovers even more puzzling questions, and embroils him in a battle where the stakes are the very existence of VRIN. But finding a way out of VRIN may be only the beginning of the adventure…

VRIN: ten mortal gods by John Michael Hileman is an example of the Christian Fantasy novel at its best! John sacrifices neither spiritual themes nor good storytelling, but finds a way to blend them both into an entertaining read that will leave you with something to ponder. The story’s plot is rich and complex, keeping the reader engaged to the very last page. His characters are varied and well-developed. Transitions between settings are smooth, allowing the book to flow. This is not the typical formula fantasy novel where you’ve figured out how it ends by the time you finish the first chapter!

I’ve commented many times on the lack of really good Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. VRIN is a must-read for anyone else who loves great Fantasy/SciFi stories with an equally great message. VRIN is targeted towards the teen and adult audiences. While parents need not worry about objectionable content, the multi-layered plot and deep spiritual themes make it a book more likely to be enjoyed by teenagers than younger children. Be warned though; make sure you finish reading it before your teens get their hands on it. You might not get it back! (Better yet, just buy two copies.)

VRIN is available in both print and electronic formats. It can be downloaded from Smashwords or the Kindle Store on Amazon. It can also be purchased in print from Amazon.