I enjoyed the first book in Angela Hunt’s Dangerous Beauty series tremendously. (The title of the first book is Esther: Royal Beauty for any of you who would like to read it. You can read my review of it here.) That’s why I jumped at the chance to review Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty, and I was not disappointed!

Cover ArtI’ll admit, the story of Bathsheba didn’t spark my interest quite as much as Esther’s did, but once I got started, I couldn’t put this novel down. Before reading this book, I never gave much thought to Bathsheba. She’s often painted as something of a temptress, but this novel presented her differently. It was fascinating to read such a different view, and it made me think about Bathsheba and what it must have been like for her to go through everything she did. For instance, it had never occurred to me how scary it must have been for her to discover her pregnancy. It was entirely possible that she could have been stoned for adultery! Angela did a beautiful job bringing a deeply emotional story to life with this book.

Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty
is written from two alternating perspectives, Bathsheba’s and that of Nathan the prophet. This isn’t typically my favorite format, but I enjoyed the two different points of view, and it was always clearly noted at the beginning of the chapter which character I was reading about. When you finish the book, do be sure to read the Author’s Note as well! Angela talks about what she bases some of the story details on, and it’s a must-read in my opinion. All of her reference sources are clearly listed as well for anyone interested in doing more research on their own.

Fans of historical and Biblical fiction will want Bathsheba: Reluctant Beauty on their “Books to Read” list. While this book is a clean read, I’d recommend it only for older teens or adults due to the sensitive topics addressed in the story.

The next installment of the Dangerous Beauty series is due out in June, and as much as I’ve loved reading the first two, I’m definitely planning on reading Delilah’s story too!

Please Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.