I admit that I do love Pinterest. I like being able to pin a link to a recipe, school idea, or article that I want to refer to later. I find a lot of great ideas on Pinterest, but searching for party ideas can be rather overwhelming. Some people have put together some seriously gorgeous birthday parties!

Personally, I’m looking for ideas that are a little more quick and easy. (Not to mention budget friendly!) So I’m going to share some of my favorite tips and tricks for cute parties.

Re-think theme partyware.

I’ve gotten the coordinated plates, cups, napkins, etc. for some birthdays. But it can sure add up fast!

First, check the dollar store and other deep discount stores. We have a local surplus and salvage store that I have found some tremendous deals at. I picked up a complete set of princess partyware for less than $5. (While you’re there, pick up some cheap wrapping paper too.)

IMG_1478[1]If you really want a particular character or theme, I have a great tip for you. Pick up a package of stickers in your chosen theme and head for the solid color paper items. You can usually find them in packs of 12 for less than a dollar. Use the stickers to decorate the cups and napkins. You could also pick up a solid table cover and throw a few stickers on it as well.


Simplify decorations.

When I was a kid, Mom had a foil “Happy Birthday” banner that she used for every birthday. When the party was done she just folded it up and tucked it in the drawer with her cake decorating supplies. I have a plastic banner that I can use indoors or out. At the end of the day, I can roll it up and put it back in the closet.


Find a banner that you can reuse next year, add in a balloon or two and call it good. Honestly, the kids are probably more interested in the cake than the decorations!

(If you do want a few theme specific decorations, try searching online for free party printables. Hale Grafix offers some cute free printables for kids’ parties. They even have LEGO theme printables!)

What’s your best fast and frugal party tip?

Next week I’m going to do a post about everyone’s favorite part of birthday parties… the cake!