My mom used to say that I started drinking Earl Grey tea just because Captain Picard from Star Trek did. As a teen, I’d firmly deny that was the case and say that I wasn’t that big of a geek. Mom was right. I did first take a sip of Earl Grey tea because of that epic line, “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” I kept drinking Earl Grey tea because it truly is my favorite tea blend. The hint of bergamot is delightful and nothing goes better with a chicken sandwich or bit of good chocolate than Earl Grey!

I’ve tried all sorts of brands and blends of Earl Grey. While loose tea is my preference these days, Bigelow Earl Grey teabags still have a spot in my tea stash. I reach for the decaf ones when I want to enjoy a cup of Earl Grey, but I’ve met my caffeine quota for the day.

The Bigelow Earl Grey tea is also super convenient to carry in my purse or while traveling because each individual teabag is sealed in a foil wrapper. Call me a snob, but there’s no way I want to take my chances on whatever stale tea is available at the airport or hotel. I’ll gladly pay for a cup of hot water if it means that I can make my own travel mug of tea! The right tea and the right time steeping makes a difference.

While most of the tea I mention on my blog are loose tea blends that you can’t find at the local grocery store, there are still definitely teas in my stash that are mere “grocery store tea”. So, while I’m a little snobbish about steeping times and making sure that I’m not using a teabag from the 90s, I’m not so snobbish about tea that I can’t enjoy perfectly good grocery store blends.

What grocery store tea is your favorite? And do you take your own tea with you when you travel? Let me know in the comments or on social media!