I was that kid 25 years ago. I was the kid who was shy, awkward, and just didn’t quite fit in anywhere. I spent years trying to be the kind of person everyone else wanted me to be. It took me a long time to really grasp that God had created me unique and different to bring glory to Him. I’m hoping that my kids will learn that particular lesson a bit sooner than I did!

We’re all a little different, maybe a little goofy, and definitely U-NEEK!

I definitely want my kids to embrace their own individual gifts and talents. I want them to realize that God can use them in remarkable ways precisely because they are different from everyone else! And then I want them to take it a step further.

I want them to see that potential in others. Instead of making fun of the kids who are “different”, I want them to see God’s handwork in those differences. I want them to be the person who treats everyone with kindness, even the “weird” people.

For someone who’s been the brunt of a few too many mean remarks, that kindness can mean so very much. A word… an action… sometimes even a card. Any of those can be an encouragement and an expression of God’s love.

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