I remember when I was a kid and we didn’t go “back to school” until September. Maybe that’s why it still throws me for a loop when everyone starts talking about the first day of school in August…

Anyway, even though we won’t start our new books until September, “back to school” is still definitely on my mind! I’ve been planning, organizing, and finding way too many good ideas on Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest inspired a couple of projects to help keep us a bit more organized this year. Well, I’m hoping they will!

My first project was sprucing up a set of plastic drawers. I’ve done a bit of reading about the whole workbox method. It was intriguing, but seemed a bit too time-intensive for me. I did decide that it would be helpful for each of the three older kids to have their own bin to keep their books, workbooks, etc. in. I just happened to have a set of three plastic drawers that would be perfect for that! But they weren’t cute. So I dove into my scrapbook paper stash and used Mod Podge to apply the paper to the inside of the drawers. Voila! The tutorial on the Kinder-Craze blog is awesome!

The second project was the dish-drainer organizer. I’m pretty sure I saw the idea on Pinterest, but I can’t recall precisely. I had a chrome dish-drainer that had quite a few rust-spots on it, so I picked up a can of high-gloss enamel in black and just gave it a good coat of spray paint. I found cute file folders for a dollar a package to help me keep my loose papers organized better. It’s amazing how much paper comes with home education! My clipboard fits nicely in the back, and I can put my planner in the rack, though it’s usually open on the table. The utensil cup is perfect for corralling my pens, pencils, and dry-erase markers. It will be nice to have them separate from the kids’ pens and pencils this year. Maybe they won’t be as likely to disappear… or maybe they will.

In the end, I mostly re-purposed things I already had. The only things I didn’t already have on hand were a package of file folder, a can of spray paint, and a jar of Mod Podge.

What about you? What creative ways have you found to stay organized while you homeschool?

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