This afternoon I baked cupcakes while singing “I’m Glad I’m Not Young Anymore”. Tomorrow is my birthday. My kids are far more excited about it than I am, but they don’t quite understand that birthdays look different once you get past 30!


When I look back on the past year, there are good and bad things of course. I decided to list some of the good things that have come out of the past year, and I’m sharing them here. (In no particular order.)

This year I…

… made peace with the fact that I dress like I did in high school. Jeans and tennis shoes are practical and comfortable, and you seriously can’t beat a good denim jacket.

… ditched the makeup. If Mom’s makeup routine consisted of Oil of Olay and lipstick, then I’m not going to worry about my minimalist look.

…decided to keep the rock star red hair dye and bright nail polish.

…realized that I’ll be fighting some dragons for the rest of my life, but that’s OK. This is my struggle for a reason, and God knows that reason, even if I don’t. He can even bring something beautiful out of it.

…discovered the music of For King and Country. A number of their songs have been a huge encouragement to me through some pretty rocky days.

…joined team HEDUA! I’ve been a fan of Home Educating Family for so long, and reviewing and writing for them the past few years has been an amazing experience. I’m so excited to be working in their customer service department!

…fell a little more in love with my husband of 14 years. I still can’t figure out how I ended up with such a great guy, but I’m so very thankful that I did!

…watched our kids gain a few more inches. They grow so fast that it takes my breath away. I see bits and pieces of the people I’ve loved the most in each of them, yet they are still unique individuals. This year, I got to know each of them a little better.

…accompanied Aaron to the first gallery showing of his photography. It was wonderful to see some of his beautiful work hanging on a gallery wall!

…laughed with my sister. Mom always said that we would get along someday, and of course she was right.

…watched starry skies, and remembered that there is always, always hope.

…counted more blessings, and saw that I’ve been given more good gifts than I realized.

…slowed down and enjoyed the moments with my kids a little more often.

…wish I’d gained a bit more wisdom, but I guess I’m still a work in progress.

Some days this year have been so. Hard. There’s been a whole lot of good too though, and even the hard stuff isn’t for nothing. I can see God’s fingerprints all over my life; that alone is enough to make me look forward to the coming year.