Some people have suggested that the BP oil spill is judgment from God because America “doesn’t support Israel”. The same has been alleged of some of the more recent natural disasters. While it is certainly true that natural disasters can be God’s judgment on a nation, the oil spill isn’t exactly a natural disaster, so I’d be a bit more hesitant to suggest that it is a sign of judgment. Still, there have been plenty of natural disasters in the past few years. Could any of those be judgment from God for America’s wickedness? Certainly. However, the idea that it’s because of our “lack of support” for Israel would not be my immediate conclusion. We are guilty of FAR WORSE.

I submit that America has done a much greater evil, and is still engaged in that sin today. We murder over three thousand children every day. Three thousand of our own children. Every day. It astounds me that it would not occur to us that this could be the reason for God’s judgment upon us.

Take a look at Leviticus 20:1-3 “The LORD said to Moses, Say to the Israelites: ‘Any Israelite or any alien living in Israel who gives any of his children to Molech must be put to death. The people of the community are to stone him. I will set my face against that man and I will cut him off from his people; for by giving his children to Molech, he has defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy name.” Giving children over to Molech was child sacrifice. It was murder, plain and simple. Abortion is murder. Have we any reason to think that God would look any more kindly on abortion than he did child sacrifice? He commanded that anyone, Israelite or alien, who took part in such an evil practice, was to be punished. God condemned those who would murder their own children. Should we expect any less from Him when we do the same?

Now look at verse 4 & 5 of that same chapter in Leviticus “If the people of the community close their eyes when that man gives one of his children to Molech and they fail to put him to death, I will set my face against that man and his family and will cut off from their people both him and all who follow him in prostituting themselves to Molech.” Clearly, those who allowed the practice to continue were guilty as well. Yet, what have we done? We have closed our eyes to the millions upon millions of babies that have been murdered in America in just a few short decades. By not putting a stop to it, we have participated in the equivalent of child sacrifice. Babies sacrificed upon the altar of convenience. What sort of horrific evil is this? What sort of people would allow it?

So, what should we do about this? What can we do? Obviously, a change needs to take place in the courts of America. The legal aspects of abortion seem to receive the most attention. I suggest adding something that is rarely discussed—education. We must educate our children about the value of life. They need to have a Biblical worldview on this topic. Look up some statistics on abortion. I did, and I was shocked by how many women who choose abortion are professing Christians and attend church. Where did they get the idea that killing their own baby was OK? Has the church been too silent on this issue? Have we done our job and taught our children well by God’s standards? We have to commit ourselves to changing the hearts of the people on this issue, and perhaps the best place to start is with our own children.

William Wilberforce is best known for his commitment to ending slavery and the slave trade in England. He was wise enough to realize that there were two things that needed to change: the laws, and the hearts of the English people. He knew that changing the prevailing mindset was just as important as changing the law. It can be very easy to get caught up in the politics of a moral issue and forget that the political and legal aspects are only part of the problem. Our goal should be to change the mindset of a culture that readily accepts evil.

The next time we hear about an act of God in the news, maybe it will remind us to remain ever diligent about teaching our children His Word. If we do, that could very well change the hearts of an entire nation.