Yes, I know, I should be posting a story. Humblest apologies! In my defense, it’s been quite the busy week.

The yard sale went very well, and I got rid of a LOT of stuff! Not only that, but we met our goal of making enough money to get the kids a swing set!!!!! It’s a pretty basic model, three swings and a slide. My Dad got it set up this morning. I gave him a hand with it, and wound up with a bit of sunburn. We had to take a couple of breaks just to get out of the sun because it was SO HOT today! According to my kitchen thermometer, it topped 90 degrees in my back yard!

Between being busy and being hit with the nasty cold going around (I’ve dubbed it the black plague) I have not had much time to devote to writing a little story. When I have had time, I’ve popped a couple of cold pills and promptly fallen asleep! After a week and a half I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get over it, but I’ve heard from other people with this particular cold that it’s one that really hangs on. Unfortunately, Aaron, me and all three of the kids came down with it on the same day. What are the chances of that? Usually such things happen like falling dominoes in our house, not like a falling ton of bricks! At least the kids seem to be having an easier time of it than us poor old folks. They still have the sniffles, and seem to be a bit crankier than usual, but overall, they are definitely on the mend.

There’s my excuse, for what it’s worth anyway! If inspiration strikes, I’ll post a story in a day or two. Otherwise, I still fully intend to do a “Three Things Thursday” post. J