Ever wonder what a homeschool day looks like? Here’s a peek at one of ours!

IMG_0805[1]7:30 – Hey! An early start for us! The three older kiddos get dressed while I change Little Guy. He stays in his fleece footie PJs because it’s winter and I still haven’t figured out how to keep socks on a toddler… I let the dog out while Munchkin dishes out the dog food. The hopper of our coal stove needs to be filled up, and I notice that we burned quite a bit of coal last night. The kids have cereal for breakfast while I check my e-mail.

8:12 – Time for me to grab a quick bath while the kids are playing. I get a load of laundry started while I’m upstairs. I put the kettle on for my first cup of tea today. The kids start picking up their toys while I go outside and get a bag of coal.

IMG_0806[1]9:06 – Lesson time! We start out with Rapid Recall for Munchkin and Mr. Q. (I’ll let you know when the review of this math facts system is up!) Then we move on to Singapore Math. Camo is playing happily with Little Guy. I only have to heat up my tea twice…

9:51 – Mr. Q has finished math and penmanship, and we do his language arts lesson while I’ve got a slightly fussy toddler on my lap. Once that’s finished, I start the next load of laundry and tackle the dishes. I take a break to snuggle Little Guy, who bumped his head.

10:49 – Munchkin is done with math and gets started on her penmanship. All three boys are playing in the living room at this point. I run outside and grab the mail before starting lunch. Then Munchkin and I start work on her language arts.

IMG_0808[1]11:22 – Lunch is in the oven, the dishwasher is running, and the kids take a break from lessons until after lunch. I get a bit of writing done while the three older kids play Mariokart. (Yes, I’m the mom who lets her kids play video games.) A package arrives, and the lure of the new book inside the box is too much for the kids to resist. They abandon the Wii in favor of looking through The Story of the Orchestra, which I put on my to-read list after checking out the review by one of my friends!

IMG_0809[1]12:22 – The kids and I sit down to lunch. Homemade mac and cheese is one of their favorites.

IMG_0810[1]12:42 – Little Guy goes upstairs for a nap, and I tend the laundry again while I’m up there. The older kids clear the table for me and wash it off. Then we settle in on the couch and in bean bag chairs to read our geography, science, music, and Bible lessons. The kids peek at our science project, but none of the seeds we planted yesterday have sprouted yet.

14:00 – I challenge the three older kids to a game of Mariokart. I lose quite impressively. Then it’s snacktime for the kids, and time for another cup of tea for me! I respond to some e-mail while the kids play, read, or work on projects. (From here on out I forgot to take photos!)

15:07 – Little Guy is awake! He comes downstairs and has a snack of his own before playing with his siblings. I hang out with the kids in the living room, and work on a crochet project for one of my cousin’s children. The older three kids decide to play upstairs for a while, so it’s just Little Guy and me.

16:46 – I get dinner ready to go in the oven, and then the kids and I watch the Muppets while we wait.

18:36 – Dinner took longer to finish baking than I’d expected. The kids and I sit down at the dining room table to eat. Since Aaron’s working late, I make sure that we leave enough for him to heat up in case he’s hungry when he gets home.

19:00ish – Little Guy is definitely tired, so it’s into fresh PJs and off to bed for him. He snuggles in quickly and smiles, a sure sign that he’s ready for bed! The older three clear the table and get ready for bed. We curl up in the living room for a few chapters of The Burgess Animal Book for Children. I’ve been meaning to get to this book for some time. I have far more books I’d like for us to read together than time it seems.

20:30ish—Bedtime for the big kids. Everyone gets tucked in and gets kisses. I head back downstairs. I work on a bit of writing, some reading, and my crochet project while I wait for Aaron to get home from work.

Of course, no two days are quite the same for us. Some days we are up early, some days not. Some days the bulk of our lessons are in the morning, some days the afternoon. And of course, things like appointments tend to alter what our days look like! That’s the beauty of home education. Our days are more flexible, and we can tailor things to our family and our schedule.

If you home educate, are your days mostly the same, or do they vary quite a bit?