You’re Doing WHAT With Those T-shirts?!

If you weren’t sure by now, then you will be after reading this post. I am CRAZY!

I saw a video tutorial online that was demonstrating how to cut t-shirts into long strips to be used as yarn. Someone suggested using the t-shirt yarn for a rug. I thought that it was a FANTASTIC idea! I ran up to Aaron’s dresser and pulled out the three white t-shirts in his top drawer. I asked him, “How many t-shirts do you need?” He told me that one would probably suffice since he doesn’t wear button-down shirts often. I gleefully snipped two white t-shirts, and went looking for more… I discovered that I had a number of t-shirts that were worn or the wrong size. They quickly fell victim to my scissors. At that point, I had a basketball sized ball of t-shirt yarn. I remembered a pattern in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book for a spiral rug knit out of fabric strips, perfect! I cast on and began knitting away. I’m still not sure how big I will make this rug. I’ll probably knit on it until I get sick of knitting t-shirts! It will be an easy enough thing to continue adding more strips of t-shirts as I keep knitting. Who knows, maybe I’ll wind up with a nice room-sized rug. Maybe I’ll wind up with a welcome mat.

3 Replies to “You’re Doing WHAT With Those T-shirts?!”

  1. I hope you’re planning on posting pictures of the finished product. I think that a t-shirt yarn knitted rug sounds like it has a lot of potential for a unique and very cool outcome. (But how do you know I’m not crazy too? You can never be sure.)

  2. You both could be crazy…I think that option has potential:) Sounds very cool but I still can’t visualize how using cotton t-shirts wouldn’t be VERY difficult to knit?? How teeny tiny did you have to cut the strips?

  3. I should post photos when it’s done! I don’t know when that will be, since I’m still collecting t-shirts, LOL! I actually cut the strips about an inch and a half wide. I’m knitting it up on very large needles. It’s tiring for my hands, but knits up VERY fast. Since it’s a rug, I wanted it really thick. It may wind up being just a small rug, time will tell!

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