This morning the kids asked me if they could stack up some of the wood pallets our coal is delivered on to use them for a picnic table. In a fit of insanity, I thought, “We could do better than that.” While rummaging around for solid wood to use as table legs, we came across the pieces from an old bed frame. The headboard seemed just about perfect for a table top.

We dragged the pieces outside along with my tool box and my IT staff’s circular saw. Measuring, cutting, building, improvising when plans A through C didn’t go exactly as expected… It was actually a fun project! It is by no means perfect. A real carpenter would cringe at my MacGyver’d table, but I’ve never let that stop me from attempting a project in the past.

It’s not pressure treated wood, or a composite, so we’ll need some outdoor paint to seal it. I told the kids that they can paint it themselves, which will be interesting since only one of them has any experience helping me paint furniture. Since a wonky paint job isn’t exactly going to make the table worse, I figured it was a good practice project.

I’m more likely to say, “Why?” than “Why not?” when the kids come up with a project idea. I’m trying to change that to some degree. Admittedly, sometimes the projects crash and burn. (In the case of a science experiment in the microwave, the burning can be literal.) There are times that the projects turn out fantastic, and then there are times like today when the project isn’t quite fantastic, but it’s still cool. It may have been in a fit of insanity, but I’m glad that my response today was, “Why not?”