The kids and I pared down their toy collection earlier this week. They did a great job, and two boxes of toys found new homes!

I’ve been saying that I need to go through my clothes and donate what doesn’t fit anymore for a while. Seeing the kids sort through their toys gave me the extra motivation to finally do it.

Would you believe that I had clothes in every size from 10 to 18? Yup. I still had clothes that I wore before I was pregnant with Munchkin. That means that I had clothes hanging around that I don’t wear, that were at least 10 years old!

After filling two trash bags with clothes to donate (and discovering that I actually fit into smaller jeans than I realized), I felt so much better. Now I only have clothes that actually fit in my dresser!

I have no idea why I kept those clothes for so long. They were just taking up space. It’s been a process for me to learn to let go of things that I don’t need or use. My tendency is to hold on to everything because, “I might need it again someday!” It’s still a work in progress, but at least I’m making progress.