Less than a week to go. I still have to knit a sweater for Mr. Q, my oldest son, and the kids’ bathrobes are cut out, but I have to make a date with my sewing machine to actually finish them. I still have some candy and such to make, but I’ll save that for the days just before Christmas. I’ve got lots of time that will be spent knitting and sewing, but since I enjoy both, it will be an enjoyable pastime.

We have snow. The kids love to look out the window in the morning to see if it snowed in the night. They all get quite excited when it does. I’m not sure why Mr. Q gets so excited, as he is not particularly fond of snow, ice or cold weather. I suppose it just looks pretty.

I looked out my kitchen window a few days ago and was astonished to realize that I have my “waterfront view”. There is a small farm pond in our back yard. One that I have loved and enjoyed since I was a child. It finally dawned on me that I finally have the lovely view of the water that I had always dreamed of. True, when I used to say that I had thought of an ocean view, but nonetheless, I have a view of the water. It’s funny how God gives us the things that we desire, but sometimes not in the way the we expect.

I am always pleased beyond words when I give one of my children an unexpected gift and they say with wonder, “Is that for me?” The smile on their face is more precious a reward than anything. I wonder if that is in some small way how God feels when He gives us an unexpected gift, and we look on it with awe and simply say, “You did this for me?” I’ve had many of those moments in my lifetime, and seeing the frozen pond out my kitchen window was one of them.

Munchkin walked to Grammy’s house by herself this week. Grammy lives next door, and met her halfway between the two houses, while I watched anxiously from our front steps. My daughter is growing up and becoming more independent. When did that happen?

Camo seems to be getting bigger before my very eyes. He is getting used to the boots I insist that he wears outside. He still has a hard time walking in them, but he is getting better. I wonder what he will think of Christmas this year.

All of the kids have been enjoying watching the old Christmas specials that all of us used to watch on TV. Rudolph and Frosty are two favorites. How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Merry Christmas Charlie Brown are mine. Munchkin understands that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus being born. And that He came to die. Amazing, that such a young child can understand so much. The beauty of the Gospel. A Christmas story for all ages. I don’t know how much Mr. Q grasps, but I’m sure that, as usual, it is more than he lets on. He’s a quiet one, like the Welch brothers always were.

Well, I have a sweater to knit and some other projects to finish. I’ll just sit in my rocker next to my coal stove, and knit in the peace that is naptime. I think I’ll also take the time to thank God for the wonderful gifts that He has given me, including the most precious of all, His only Son.