It’s been a really long week, so I feel like writing about something completely fluffy!

Am I the only one who misses record stores? Flipping through stacks of CDs in search of just the right one, and then the excitement of pulling off the shrink-wrap and popping it in your CD player? Admittedly, it’s wonderfully convenient to be able to download just about any song instantly onto my phone. There was just something fun about visiting your favorite record store though! Since I’m feeling sentimental, I’m going to list the top 3 albums that I’ve got a sentimental attachment to. Be sure to share your own top 3 list in the comments too. I want to see what other gems my readers listen to with fondness!

3) Apollo 13 Soundtrack – James Horner

This was the very first CD that I ever owned. I was in a records store with my mom, and couldn’t seem to decide which album I wanted. Until I saw this one! I fell in love with the movie the first time that I watched it, and it remains a favorite to this day. The music by James Horner was perfect for the film, and only ever enhanced the movie. This is one of those soundtracks when just listening to the music evokes the same feelings as watching the movie did. I fell asleep listening to this album many times in my teen years!

2) The Rocketeer Soundtrack – James Horner

Are we sensing a theme here? Another soundtrack by James Horner! Again, I love the movie, and the soundtrack is just amazing. The opening credit sequence involves an airplane taking off. The music that accompanies the takeoff is exquisite. I can’t listen to it without a sense of wonder and excitement. The reason why this album is on my list though is because it’s the first CD that Aaron gave me. A group of us friends had gone out together to see a movie and stopped by Boarders after getting out of the theater. Aaron and I were both looking though the (rather skimpy) section of movie scores and I mentioned that I’d like to find the Rocketeer soundtrack someday. Lo and behold, he came across the CD and purchased it for me. At that point, we were still only friends, so it seemed like a particularly thoughtful thing for him to do. I love the music, and listening to it always makes me think of Aaron!

1) The Heart of Chicago – Chicago

This is another album that’s on my list because it was a gift from Aaron! He’s given me quite a few music albums over the past 20 years. This particular one was a gift for my 19th birthday, and the first one he gave me after we started seeing each other. I’ve always secretly thought of “You’re the Inspiration” as a perfect description of what I thought of Aaron, even then. I will always sing along with this song, very loudly. (Much to my family’s chagrin considering my utter lack of vocal talent!)

I think I’ll go listen to some music with my evening cup of tea! Don’t forget to share your favorites too!