Outside my windows… it’s sunny and surprisingly warm considering it’s October in Maine!

Inside my house… I’m loving the yoga ball as an office chair! It’s perfect for a perpetual fidget like me. I’ve offered to get one for my IT staff, but he assures me that he’s happy with his office chair.

Counting 1000 gifts… coffee mug memories. Sometimes the best memories are ones of sitting at someone’s kitchen table and sharing coffee with them.

Prayers of the heart… for friends and family who are having surgery this week. Some planned, and some not.

What the (not quite so) little ones are up to… the kiddos are playing outside while the weather is nice. One is even outside in shorts. In October. In Maine. Yeah, he’s a Maine kid for sure!

From my playlist… Viva La Vida.

From my reading list… The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck. Another advance reader copy that I’ll be reviewing here at Teish Knits next week! In the meantime, be sure to read the review of The Hive that I posted and stay tuned for the author interview coming later this week!

From my needlework basket… Last week I finished the word’s ugliest bulky orange sweater. This week I finished a not-ugly orange sweater for a Christmas gift. Little Guy loved my ugly orange sweater and asked me to knit him an orange sweater too…

In the learning room… The kids discovered two baby snakes in the backyard yesterday. They grabbed their field guide and identified them as Eastern Worm Snakes. Good field guides are well worth the investment!

Random ramblings… I was at the store last week and they had some Christmas decorations already out. It’s funny. Now that Mom’s gone, I look through the Christmas decorations as soon as the stores put them out. She loved decorating for Christmas, and always wanted to look at the decorations as soon as they were displayed! Now, I look too. Every year. I usually end up sitting in my car shedding at least a few tears too. Nearly seven years later, and the missing her is still there. Oh, it’s not nearly as raw and sharp as it was at the beginning. More like the ache of an old scar. You’ve adjusted to living with it, but some days you notice it more than others. I still think it’s a good thing to miss Mom though. I’ve talked to other people who’ve lost loved ones, including parents. They tell me that you never stop missing them, and that missing them just means that you loved them.

Profound ponderings… “The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Caught on film… the baby snakes that the kids caught! (They stayed outside…)