Outside my windows… the fall leaves in Maine are a riot of colors now. I didn’t mind driving yesterday because of the beautiful view.

Inside my house… tea, lots and lots of tea. Tissues and tea are the only way to combat the cold virus hanging out at our house right now.

Counting 1000 gifts… warm sweaters and wool socks.

Prayers of the heart… for direction in what to write now.

What the (not quite so) little ones are up to… I just heard “I need to get to the castle!” from the living room. Sounds like they’re having something of an adventure. Aren’t LEGOs awesome!?

From my playlist… I’ve been enjoying some of Anthem Light’s music this week.

From my reading list… The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp. I’m enjoying an early peek at her newest book!

From my needlework basket… I’m switching it up this week and grabbing a crochet hook. My grandmother makes hand towels with a crochet hanging loop at the top. My stash needs replenishing, so I grabbed some towels, yarn, and I’m trying to replicate her pattern.

In the learning room… Are we already on week 6 of this school year???

Random ramblings… I can’t help but shake my head a little when people bring up supreme court judges as a reason why we need to vote one way or another when it comes to the president. Interestingly enough, the president can only nominate judges. Congress must grant their approval of the nominee before they can serve on the supreme court. One more reason why who you send to Congress is of far more importance than who is elected president. The president has far less power than one might suspect given the amount of media coverage the election garners.

Profound ponderings… “All I can think is – only the wounds of God can heal our wounds.” – Ann Voskamp

Caught on film…

Morning math! I'm still trying to wake up with some coffee… #homeschool #mathusee

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