Outside my windows… There’s actually so much snow that I can’t see out the window by my desk.

Inside my house… the daffodils that I picked up last week are wilting a bit. I’m already feeling anxious for spring to come and the flowers in my yard to bloom again.

Counting 1000 gifts… hot tea because it’s been so cold and windy outside.

Prayers of the heart… for an extra portion of grace this week. I always miss Mom even more than usual this time of year.

What the (not quite so) little ones are up to… some are studying, and the others are playing a game. Re-organizing the shelf that holds board games and card games made them anxious to play some of their favorites.

From my playlist… “Blessed Assurance”

From my reading list… Placemaker by Christie Purifoy. There will be a review coming, so keep an eye out!

From my needlework basket… I’ve been alternating between working on a teal sweater and a pair of socks, depending on the yarn and needle size I feel like working with.

In the learning room… our 2019-2020 planners arrived! The kids and I love to see the new planner designs, and we’re already looking forward to using them come July.

Random ramblings… Mom would have been 64 today. Sunday will mark 10 years since she passed. So much has changed in the past 10 years — and I can’t say that I’d want to go back to the everything exactly the way it used to be. Not all change is a bad thing, and there have been some good changes. There are a few things I miss, and coffee with my mom is one of them I guess I always will.

Profound ponderings… “There is a place called ‘heaven’ where the good here unfinished is completed; and where the stories unwritten, and the hopes unfulfilled, are continued. We may laugh together yet.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

Caught on film…