Outside my windows… spring is trying to arrive, but it’s not sure if it’s staying or not. The only certainty about our weather right now, is that it will change!

Inside my house… I’m waiting anxiously to be able to throw the windows wide open for an entire day and air out all the winter stuffiness and germs. For now, I’ll content myself with cracking a window open for a few minutes.

Counting 1000 gifts… When I look at how I was feeling a year ago, there is such a difference. For that, I am deeply thankful.

Prayers of the heart… praying for the people I care about who are sick or facing surgery this week. Trying hard to pray and not worry!

What the (not quite so) little ones are up to… some are outside playing, others stop by my desk for a hug.

From my playlist… “Testimony” from the Amazing Grace Broadway Musical. They just released a cast recording and I have fallen in love with this music!

From my reading list… reading… I should be reading something. Life has kept me so busy that I haven’t read much. This is very unusual for me! Time to figure out how to fit this back into my regular days…

From my needlework basket… my socks are languishing too. I should be knitting socks…

In the learning room… we are chugging away at this year’s studying, and I’m rounding up book for this fall already. The kiddos now ask when books arrive whether they are for next year, or if they can read them now. I’ve been letting them have a preview so long as they put them back in the tub of books when they are done!

Random ramblings… There’s such a jumble of things rattling around my brain today that I’m not sure what to ramble about! This year will be a roller coaster, I know that much! So many things to think about and decisions to make… For now? More tea!

Profound ponderings… “Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” – Goethe

Caught on film… Pretty sure that’s some kind of LEGO piece that he’s got on his thumb. I didn’t ask why…