Outside my windows… the snow in my yard is gone!

Inside my house… we’re enjoying the room to work on projects or just hang out with the great sewing room declutter, so we’re taking it to other rooms. The living room is first on the list.

Counting 1000 gifts… quilts on the couches and the kiddos who use them.

What the (not quite so) little ones are up to… Munchkin is working on a reading assignment, Camo is cooking up a project, while Mr. Q and Little Guy are wandering around the backyard and looking so much like my great-uncles that I can’t help but smile.

From my playlist… no music playing right now, just the rustle of LEGOs, the hum of the coal stove, and the rattle of the gerbil running in his exercise wheel – the soundtrack of my life I suppose!

From my reading list… Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt. I’m actually listening to the audiobook, but the chapter assignments are giving me something to think about.

From my needlework basket… I’m hand-quilting another quilt even though I keep saying that I’m not doing another one by hand. I may be turning into a crazy quilt lady.

In the learning room… Animal Farm was recently on Munchkin’s reading list. It was interesting to see what she thought of it as the story developed. High School is challenging, but it’s also quite fun to have some of these interesting discussions!

Random ramblings… I peeked out the window while making dinner and saw two of my boys ambling around the backyard, and in that moment something about them reminded me so much of my great-uncles — Quinton and Way. I miss them quite a lot sometimes, but it warms my heart to see a bit of them reflected in my boys.

Profound ponderings… “Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like and learn to find the joy in the story you’re living.” – Unknown

Caught on film…