The Scarf

My daughter has always loved scarves. She has quite the collection by now! My oldest son decided last winter that he would like a scarf, so I knit him a blue one out of chunky yarn. This year, my middle son has discovered how nice it is to wear a scarf when it’s chilly outside. No problem, I’m a knitter. A kid’s scarf is a piece of cake. Then he told me that he wanted a Doctor Who scarf…

I’ll admit, part of me was thrilled that one of my little geeklings had asked for a Doctor Who scarf. Then I realized just how big a project that is. My own well-loved Doctor Who scarf was knit for me by Mom. I wear it all winter long! But that’s a lot of garter stitch…

Then, I found a pattern on Ravelry for a kid-sized Doctor Who scarf. Shorter, narrower, and a fairly large gauge? The project was looking more manageable all the time. And since Camo’s birthday is in less than ten days, why not knit it for his birthday? (Yes, I’m clearly crazy.)

IMG_1142[1]I knit through movie night and stayed up half of last night knitting. I’m a bit over halfway done at this point. Well, halfway done on the knitting part. I’m trying not to think about just how many ends I’m going to have to weave in. It will probably take almost as long as the knitting. (Mom wasn’t exactly thrilled with that part of the scarf project either.)

Today will be filled with bread baking, reading, review writing, and of course, scarf knitting!

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