When Munchkin was only a couple of weeks old she slept for nearly four hours one night. I absolutely panicked. Every book I read told me that babies needed to nurse every two hours at night. I called Mom up the next morning and asked her if I should set an alarm and wake my baby every two hours to make sure she was eating enough. Naturally, Mom laughed! She assured me that babies wake up when they are hungry and that I should just enjoy the extra sleep.

I look back at some of the things I did and said as a new mom, and I just have to shake my head and laugh. I don’t think any of us quite understand what we are getting ourselves into when become parents! Trying to figure out how to be a good mom is tricky. We end up creating a list of all of the things we believe that we should be doing. But here’s a quote from a piece that I recently wrote:

“The list has gotten ridiculous. We need to burn the list. The list is what makes you feel like you are a bad mom on the days when all you’ve managed to do is feed all of the kids. According to my kids, feeding their children is one of the things that good moms do!”

If you want to read the rest of it, just follow this link to the Home Educating Family blog.

What funny stuff did you panic about as a new parent?